White Pants

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I am always looking for a pair of white pants especially during the summer time. I got these ones earlier this season and I love them,  it's culottes and also high waisted. It's perfect with cropped tops and perfect when tucked in. 

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Floral Pants


Two things I just went blonde and I love these pants. Going blonde was quite the experiment and I absolutely love my new blonde hair. I would definitely say blondes have more fun. These pants are great summer pants very light and breezy but so stylish too. 

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Spring Chicken

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Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons and it always inspires me to upgrade my wardrobe. I went shopping recently and got this beautiful jumpsuit which I also wore a different color of it in my previous post, yes I love this jumpsuit that much. 

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It's Spring and I am over the moon. I absolutely love spring and it means we are that much closer to summer. I went shopping the other day because I realize I had no spring pieces and this dress caught my eye as soon as I walked in the store. It's so feminine and that's what spring is all about. 

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Hats off to you

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I love experimenting with hats and now that I chopped all my hair off, I can really commit. I bought this one a couple seasons ago from Nordstrom and I love the big brim. It keeps you away from the sun and it's also super stylish. 

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Happy Sunday

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I love getting dressed up to church, my mom recently visit Ghana and I ask her to bring me lots of traditional clothing. This dress is my favorite piece that she brought me, I love the simplicity and the style. Today it was a little cold so I paired it with loafers and a cute little structured bag. 

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Campus Style


I got back in school recently and every girl on campus wears exactly the same thing, it's always a sweatshirt, leggings and Uggs. I get it we are here to learn and it's not a fashion show but I refuse to be one of those girls. I think campus style can be chic but also comfortable, I like layers and chic fashion sneakers. I am here to learn but I can look cute doing it.

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New Year Same Me


Happiest of New Years to you all. My name is Abena Antwiwaa and this is "Style by Abena" I share all my fashion tips, beauty tips and all my works with you. I got this "overall" from H&M a couple years back and I still love it so much. I paired it with a simple cropped top and nude heels. This look is edgy and chic.

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All the feels

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We are days away from Christmas and I am loving all the excitement in the air. I went to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping  and I stumbled upon this beautiful tulle skirt and had to get it.  I feel like a Christmas fairy in this skirt. 

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It's the holidays and I don't mind a little drama at all.  I found this beautiful dress via Nordstrom and not only is it holiday worthy but it embodies drama.  I've said it and I will say it again, the holidays is the time to do it big. 

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Burgundy Holiday


I can't believe it's that time of year again and folks it's time to dress up. I got suited up and this look is amazing for the holidays. Not only is it chic but I  also got it for a bargain at Nordstrom's black friday sale. The best part about buying suiting is that you can also wear them as separates and kill two birds with one stone. 

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