Christmas in yellow

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It’s official I am totally obsess with this hue of yellow. I think it’s so beautiful for this time of year and I just can’t get enough. Here is another holiday look as I wait for Christmas and New year to come around. It’s the final countdown!

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Winter Whites

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I absolutely adore white for winter, I think it’s so festive and elegant this time of year. This is a designer by vintage frame of mind with my own twist on it. This beautiful dress definitely put me in the holiday spirit.

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Maxi dreams

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My love for Maxis still stands. I bought this one from Shein and added the belt because it was just a little big. Oh and can you believe it was under 20 bucks? It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Level Smart Glasses by VSP

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I am so in love with my Level smart glasses. Why? Well, they help me see better and give me more awareness about my activity by tracking my steps, calories, burned, distance and total activity time.

When you get a pair of Level, you are also able to give the gift of sight by earning points within the app as you reach your daily step goals. Once you reach 50 points, you can donate a comprehensive eye exam and pair of glasses to someone in need through VSP Global’s Eyes of Hope program.

As of now these glasses are available in a handful of select U.S. markets, including Denver, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Minneapolis through select VSP network doctors participating in the VSP Global Premier Program. Click here to find a practice in your area.

These uber chic glasses come in three different styles: Nikola, Minsky and Hedy. I chose the Nikola pair in the color tortoise because I loved how the frames fit my face. I was instantly into the tortoise but these frames also come in other fabulous colors that you are sure to love.

Since I am a Denver resident, I had the opportunity of trying out these glasses. I made an appointment with Eyecare Consultants and the staff there was incredible. I was in and out within an hour. I got my glasses just in time for school and they are incredible. Add Level smart glasses to your back-to-school shopping list and #LevelUp!

A huge thank you to VSP for collaborating on this post



Ready for fall

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I am so over summer and very ready for fall. I love fall fashion the best, there is more pieces of clothing and more fun. I am slowly transitioning into fall and I'm having the best time doing it. 

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I went back to school shopping at Gap and found 2 pairs of jeans plus a pant for exactly $30. It made me so excited that I wanted to share. The jeans also fit amazing, I got a pair of "Bootcuts" and a pair of "Skinny Jeans" and I love them both. 

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White Pants

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I am always looking for a pair of white pants especially during the summer time. I got these ones earlier this season and I love them,  it's culottes and also high waisted. It's perfect with cropped tops and perfect when tucked in. 

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Floral Pants


Two things I just went blonde and I love these pants. Going blonde was quite the experiment and I absolutely love my new blonde hair. I would definitely say blondes have more fun. These pants are great summer pants very light and breezy but so stylish too. 

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Spring Chicken

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Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons and it always inspires me to upgrade my wardrobe. I went shopping recently and got this beautiful jumpsuit which I also wore a different color of it in my previous post, yes I love this jumpsuit that much. 

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It's Spring and I am over the moon. I absolutely love spring and it means we are that much closer to summer. I went shopping the other day because I realize I had no spring pieces and this dress caught my eye as soon as I walked in the store. It's so feminine and that's what spring is all about. 

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Hats off to you

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I love experimenting with hats and now that I chopped all my hair off, I can really commit. I bought this one a couple seasons ago from Nordstrom and I love the big brim. It keeps you away from the sun and it's also super stylish. 

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